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  • Seven Nightmares (@koalacanth, 2018). Download here.

  • Black Giraffe #2 (2009)

  • “The chair / calling him to cross over” (Black Giraffe Books, 2009).

  • It Has Something To Do With My Life (Black, Giraffe Books, 2009).

  • I’m Really Scared When I Kill In My Dreams (Black Giraffe Books, 2007).

  • Black Giraffe #1 (2005)

  • I Cut My Throat (Black Giraffe Books, 2004)

  • Freels Comes Alive! (Future Tense Books, 2001).

  • Who the Hell is Brandon Freels? (Introduction by Hal Sirowitz, Future Tense Books, 1996). Download here.

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